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Good news for the Pilgrims now, as Kedarnath ji Darshan can be done by Daily helicopter service to helicopter-kedarnathkedarnath plying at short interval of time everyday. Yatris can book their tickets in advance to avail the service, many charter companies have resumed the kedarnath Service.people can vist the kedarnath temple and return back to Phata on same day or wish to stay overnight and come back next day by helicopter.

Companies offering Services are:Prabhatam Aviation’s has a fleet of Helicopters which has a passenger carrying capacity of upto six people and a range of 418 kms. It is a multi – utility flying machine to help top executives or important consignments to reach the remotest part of the country with utmost convenience.They are also providing heli services for Kedarnath darshan. Helicopter services is available for Kedarnath Yatra ( 5 Seater Bell 407 Helicopters).They also provide charter service to All the Dhams by Helicopter from Delhi and Dehradun as well.

Pawan Hans is resuming daily helicopter services from Phata and Agustmuni to Kedarnath Ji, by 5-seater Bell 407/ Bell 206L4 helicopters. The Phata helipad is located beyond Agustmuni and is also linked by a good motorable road on the way to Kedarnath. From this season, Pawan Hans is introducing a helicopter service from Dehradun heliport also to the shrine via Phata / Gauchar. PHHL has made it convenient for pilgrims to visit the Kedarnath Ji shrine at a reasonable ticket cost Beside priority darshan Charge. Devotees would get one hour thirty minutes at Kedarnath for darshan.Pawan Hans is resuming daily helicopter services from Agastya Muni (distt. Rudraprayag) to Kedarnath.

Darshan Time For Devotees
Passengers would get 1 hr 30 minutes at Kedarnath for darshan. The passenger who would like to staychardham-yatra-by-helicopter overnight can take the last flight of the day around at 11:10am. Accomodation is available at Phata and Kedarnath. Passengers should book their accommodation in advance.

Air Fare and Darshan / Cancellation Charges
• Rs. 6,990/- per person for the round trip (Phata -Kedarnath-Phata),
• Passengers can also purchase tickets for one way i.e. Phata – Kedarnath or Kedarnath – Phata, subject to availability of seats.
• For infants less than 2 years, fare will be 10% of the ticket cost and no seats would be provided to the infants.
• There is no half ticket for children. Children would be provided with seats.

Note: If the flight is cancelled / rescheduled due to bad weather, technical reasons, lack of pasenger load or any other reasons, the passenger is required to travel on his own. The liability of the Charter Company will be limited to the refund of fare of unutilized sector.

Terms and Conditions
• Same day Passengers reporting will be in the morning time from 06:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. and for night halt passengers reporting will be after 10.00 AM till 12.00 Noon. and their slots will be as informed at Phata Office
• The time given to the passengers would be the reporting time only and it should not be considered as flight timings.
• Passengers are requested to contact Phata office a day prior to their Journey with CTT Voucher.
• Passengers would be allocated flights on the following criteria’s
• Passengers would be allocated flights on the following criteria’s
•The minimum waiting period of passengers would be 2-3 hrs but it may exceed to 3-4 hrs as per the ground situation such as weather condition, time of refueling the helicopter or non-availability of passengers at either side.
• If the flight is cancelled due to any reason such as bad weather, helicopter unserviceability etc
•The full refund of the ticket would be accorded.
•No ticket would be carried forward to next day.
•No accommodation, meal or cost of transport would be paid or reimbursed or compensated
• assengers have to make their own necessary arrangements or contact countrywide tours for hotel booking.
• Time given to Same day passengers for Darshan at Mandir is 1:30 hrs only,
• Therefore Same day passengers are to take Priority Darshan receipts otherwise they will not be able to come back within stipulated time for helicopter return flight.
•All out Endeavour’s would be made to accommodate passenger in their own groups, however it may not be possible all times because of weight adjustment in the flight. The group may be divided in subsequent flights.
•The passenger having more weight than 90kg would be charged extra and pax more than 120kg will have to take double ticket.
•Handicapped and old (above 80 years) would be given preference
•Passenger may carry only one small pack of not more than 2Kgs of weight in flight. Excess volume baggage would not be allowed in Helicopter flight.

Helicopter Charter Services :
•Shree.Kedarnath ji Dham from Delhi/Dehradun

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